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World Famous Indonesian Agriculture Products to Complete Your Supply Chain

From Coffee Beans to Spices, from Cacao to Rattan Furniture,

We have you covered with everything special, good, and high quality grade.

Everything Good Company believes in

Sustainability and Fair Work to ensure our suppliers and farmers are

environmentally sustainable and fair to all stakeholders.

Coffee Beans
Green & Roasted
Robusta & Arabica

From Arabica to Robusta, from Sumatra to Sulawesi, from Speciality to Commercial Grade, we are proud to enable these coffee beans to travel from our farmers to your customers.

Our coffee beans are professionally cupped with SCAA standards to ensure highest degree quality control while enabling our farmers to learn more about their own products.

We may have seasonal products not shown in the catalogues so please kindly contact us for more selections!

Vannamei Shrimps

The most traded and famous in Asia, Vannamei is now available to order straight from local family of prawn farmers to you.

We work together with local families to ensure their products are export ready and meet international standards. 

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Rattan Furniture

Handcrafted by experienced Indonesian artisans, we are proudly announcing our collaboration with local workshops to present high quality rattan craftmanships to the global market.

We are currently producing samples for quality control and production trials. For more information, please kindly contact us.

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Who We Are

Everything Good Company is an export brand with the adoption of Industry 4.0 methodology under PT. Geladeri Agraria Indonesia established in 2020 to provide satisfactory international supply requirements, focusing in coffee beans, spices, and rattan furniture. The founders possess years of experiences and networks in both export and logistics business operation, ensuring professional and smooth transactions.

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Kurniadi is an experienced Australian Control Systems Engineer professional who has returned to Indonesia, realising there are large potentials in the agricultural products in the country. He has amassed corporate experiences from retail, business, to engineering consultancy in Australia and put them into application in Everything Good Company. He has established a network of information and secured natural resource supplies, completing your supply chain. Prior to his higher education, he has assisted his family export business and planning for expansion.

Traditional Spices in Market

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